How to Leverage Your Transactional Emails

Transactional Email Optimization

Transactional emails have never been regarded as the cool or flashy sibling to promotional emails. But, because nearly all eCommerce businesses have transactional emails set up, it's crucial that they're optimized to convert. If you’re a marketer and not taking full advantage of your revenue-generating transactional email readers - you’re seriously missing out. And we mean seriously. Gone are the days when these emails can be set and forgotten. It’s time to start optimizing, boosting the creativity, and leveraging this category of content for big revenue wins!

Why Do Transactional Emails Matter?

eCommerce emails take two primary forms: transactional and promotional. While promotional emails tend to blatantly incentivize a purchase, transactional emails are an expected, personalized communication to your customers as a result of an action they have taken. They range from receipts and shipping confirmations to password resets and account alerts.

Average open rates and click-through rates for transactional sends, according to IBM’s Watson Marketing 2018 Marketing Benchmark Report are 2-2.5x higher than non-transactional sends.

This bodes well for smart marketers, looking to make the most of a captive audience.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Metricstory compiled our top five tips for optimizing your transactional emails to maximize conversion rates, grow your eCommerce business, and create loyal, raving fans in our eBook "How to Leverage Transactional Emails".

Though you want your transactional emails to stand out from your promotional sends, maintaining creativity (both in design and messaging) and providing helpful and smart content to engage your readers are crucial. Everybody wants conversions, but not at the sake of overloading these important sends with marketing jargon and advertisements - think outside the box! Metrics and regular content reviews can’t be ignored, either.

Our eBook even offers an audit checklist to ensure you’re taking action on our transactional email best practices to optimize these sends for higher conversion rates and greater revenue lift.

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Download "How to Leverage Transactional Emails: A Guide to Help You Grow Conversion Rates, Boost Revenue, and Make Every Customer Interaction Count" for the full guide and audit checklist.

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Megan Gonzales

Megan Gonzales

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